Adult Merchant Accounts


There are two types of adult businesses; monthly membership fees and one-off fees (videos, clothing etc.).

The intelligent business owner appreciates that monthly membership fees add up to a a substantial “guaranteed” payment each month.

On the other hand, if you’re already attracting lots of quality, motivated customers why not capitalize on that by also offering other products and services that add to your profits.

After all, generating traffic is the hard bit.

Once you’ve got streams of visitors coming your job should be to maximise the “value” of each visitor – i.e. how much they spend.

By using both payment methods you can do just this.

When you’ve tested and tweaked, the magic can begin.

You divide your monthly profits by the number of visitors to work out the average earnings for your site per visitor.

Once you know this, and if your sales copy works well, you’ll have a figure you can pay per visitor to break even.

And you can really start to expand fast by advertising in the pay per click search engines.

And that’s when things get really profitable!

But to do this you need a high-quality adult merchant account.

There are quite a few that we’ve found – except their rates can be as high as 20%. That means you pay 20% of your takings to them for providing the service.

As I’m sure you can imagine this means you either need to accept much less profit, or increase your prices artificially to still make a decent profit.

Less profit means less money to invest to keep your business expanding, and just as importantly, less money in your pocket.

Higher prices reduces the number of visitors that buy from you because you’re so expensive.

It’s a difficult route to take whichever way you look at it.

But there are other, cheaper merchants out there if you search hard enough.

Incase you didn’t know most merchant account providers steer well clear of adult sites. They simply won’t accept you because they don’t want to be associated with such a high-risk venture as adult sites.

Which makes your life difficult, as it really does take quite a bit of research (reading lots of fine print) to find a list of possible processors to investigate further.

The best option we’ve seen accept international customers so it really doesn’t matter where you’re based, offers reasonable rates when you compare them with the competition (around 4-5%), very fast setup and payments like clockwork.

They’ve also been around for years and are very popular among the adult community. You’ll find literally dozens of adult sites using their services with satisfaction.

They offer both one-off transactions and recurring billing for membership sites with loads of options of how often you’d like your members to be rebilled (you can even have a free trial if you like before they’re card starts to get automatically billed).

You will also have the option to use a unique technology they call Total Collect which promises to protect up to 10% more subscribers per year.

And 10% more profits isn’t something to complain about!

They also have some of the most impressive fraud prevention tools I’ve ever seen to help you protect yourself from criminals including address verification and a piece of technology called the Advanced Fraud Screen which is the only such piece of software endorsed by Visa themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about what is on offer you can fill in the no-obligation form below. Having examined your business they will then be able to get back to you to discuss exactly what they can offer at what cost.

You’re then free to make a decision without any pressure.

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