Merchant Account Affiliate Programs

If you’re interested in making some money by promoting merchant account affiliate programs there are a number of points to bare in mind.

Firstly, the merchant account market is a busy one, with lots and lots of competition. Trust me. We started this site from nothing and have brought it to our current level of success. And it has been hard work. Lots of it.

If you’re going to win with merchant account affiliate programs, my advice would be to be different from the crowd.

Think up some novel ways of attracting business.

Secondly, merchant account affiliate programs, like most affiliate programs, can create you with a problem. You see, the best affiliate programs don’t always correlate with the best merchant accounts.

Many of the accounts we represent are not tremendously profitable to us, but we do genuinely believe in our recommendations. We’re playing the long game, assuming (hoping?!) that if we continue to provide quality, genuine advice for free to our visitors that our visitor numbers will increase over time.

Want to get involved as a merchant account affiliate? Contact us below, letting us know you are interested in becoming a merchant account affiliate and we’ll hook you up:

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