Merchant Account Fee Calculator


This purpose-built calculator enables you to predict your takings for various merchant accounts based on sales volume.

To use it, you can either enter in the transaction fee, discount rate and monthly fee from a merchant account you’ve seen advertised, or select a merchant account from the drop-down list which will automatically fill the above three values in.

Then enter your estimated average ticket value (i.e. the average sale value from your website) and the number of units you hope to sell, then click on the calculate button.

You can use both sides of the form to compare two different merchant accounts at any one time.

Pressing the "Compare" button at the bottom after each of the two forms has been calculated will compare the two charges to give you an idea of the saving you could make each month.

In this way you can demonstrate to yourself that a higher setup fee could be recouped in a matter of a month or two, and after that lead to far more profit at the end of the month.

Guidelines For Use

  • If you are entering the details by hand of a merchant account with no monthly fees, please enter a zero into the monthly fee box rather than leaving it blank
  • The "Compare" button will only work after you have pressed both "Calculate" buttons first
  • All amounts are assumed to be in US$ but if the fees are given in another currency, just imagine that currency sign instead of the $
  • Whether using autofill or not, you must still enter the ticket value and units to be sold. If you’d like to compare prices on selling just one item, enter a "1" in the units box
  • If you wish to recalculate using a different merchant account, you may if you wish just update one side then click "Calculate" again on that side alone for a new comparison
  • Pressing the "Reset" button will clear the entire form should you wish to start afresh


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