Casino Merchant Account

Online casino / gambling sites offer massive potential for huge returns on your investment.

They also are viewed very cynically by most merchant account providers. They are classed as high-risk without exception and so present a problem. Most merchant account providers will try to avoid you altogether – 99%+ say in their terms and conditions that they refuse to accept sites like yours.

A few that do either charge obscenely high fees or are so limited there’s no way you can run a serious business with one.

The best option we’ve seen accepts international customers so it really doesn’t matter where you’re based, offers reasonable rates when you compare them with the competition (from 3% of each transaction which is genuinely fantastic), very fast setup and payments like clockwork.

They offer both one-off transactions and recurring billing for membership sites with loads of options of how often you’d like your members to be rebilled (you can even have a free trial if you like before they’re card starts to get automatically billed).

They also have some of the most impressive fraud prevention tools I’ve ever seen to help you protect yourself from criminals including address verification and a piece of technology called the Advanced Fraud Screen which is the only such piece of software endorsed by Visa themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about what is on offer you can fill in the no-obligation form below. Having examined your business they will then be able to get back to you to discuss exactly what they can offer at what cost.

You’re then free to make a decision without any pressure.

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