Which Of These Internet Merchant Accounts Do You Need?


Selecting an internet merchant account isn’t just about finding a reliable and cost effective processor, but also about selecting the correct type of internet merchant account.

Different processors have different accounts, all set up for different types of businesses.

Some only allow you to sell “digital” goods like ebooks. Others only accept US businesses. Others still won’t let you process sales for high-risk ventures such as casino or gambling sites.

And if you sign up for a casino internet merchant account in order to sell something nice and safe like ebooks, you’ll pay over the odds and end up with far less profit at the end of the month than you could have done.

So it’s important to think now about what you’re going to be selling.

If you’re looking to set up an adult site, you’ll likely need a specialist account, as most standard processors won’t allow you to sell “adult” goods because of their very nature.

If you’re looking to set up a network marketing or MLM empire, you’ll almost certainly need a specialist account as this industry has some of the highest fraud rates around.

But if you’re not in these industries; you’re just going to be selling reasonably “low risk” items such as furniture, or non-adult members-only websites, or books then you’ll be OK just taking a look at the merchant account we have outlined as being top for your country of origin.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at our Introduction To Merchant Accounts article so you know the differences between full-blown internet merchant accounts and third-party offerings.

You’ll need to know this in order to make the best possible selection. And our top third-party recommendations are further enhanced by the fact that many of them currently accept merchants from just about anywhere, of which 2CheckOut is probably the most lenient. You can find out lots more about 2CheckOut in our free ebook entitled Answers To 44 Real-Life Merchant Account Questions.

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