Third Party Merchant Accounts For UK


For those looking to accept credit cards with a third party merchant account and are based outside the United States of America your first major decision is whether to accept payments in US dollars or your own currency.

In general, internet businesses selling to a worldwide audience – subscription websites, ebooks, software, domain name registration services etc then you should be looking to accept payments in US dollars.

This is because the US market is the largest in the world – not just offline but online too. You will find that the majority of your orders will come from US citizens.

Indeed one of our other websites which doubles as a test site for Merchant Account Forum, which sells a general-interest ebook, has yet to receive a single order from outside the US.

This is despite the fact that it appeals to a universal audience and makes a very healthy profit each month. So try to think global – and use US dollars.

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In rare cases though, you may be looking to set up a country-specific business.

Of the business plans we’ve seen over the last few years from clients these have included a range of services and products whose target is only one country – their country of origin – and they don’t intend or want to do business globally. Video rental websites, sites for PR and advertising companies, accountants, skiing holidays and so on.

In these circumstances, where your website is intended to be marketed to a local audience only, you may like to consider accepting payments in your own currency – as we do on our web design site.

Clearly our site on web design for UK businesses is much more effective if we accept payments in UK pounds sterling. And a website specifically and solely for Canadians would be better to accept Canadian dollars than US dollars.

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