Merchant Product Services


For those looking for added value from their merchant account provider if you’re willing to shop around there are a number of additional merchant product services that you may be able to make use of.

Below is just a small list of the options some merchant account providers offer:

Affiliate Software

Some processors come with a built-in affiliate software so there’s nothing else to buy. You just set up the affiliate program together with your credit card processing and you’re off.

An example of such a merchant provider is Clickbank.

Shopping Cart

For those selling multiple products from a single site a shopping cart is essential for a high-quality shopping experience and will increase your sales.

Many merchant account providers offer this as an option so I shalln’t list those that do offer it – just check before you sign up if it’s important.

Virtual Terminals

These aren’t very often seen due to the high amount of risk involved for the merchant account provider. To read a full rundown of this service please visit our virtual terminals article.

Wire Transfers

Some providers will pay you by check whilst others, often for a small fee, will deposit your money directly into your bank account. Having the money deposited into your account saves you time in that you don’t need to chas checks and also ensures your money is available sooner.

Stock Management

If you’re selling real-world, "hard" goods then some merchant accounts will allow you to track your inventry so you know what you have of which products and when you need to reorder.

Digital Download Control

If you’re selling downloadable products such as software then some providers offer the ability to safely control all downloads of your products.

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