Merchant Account Resellers


Incase you didn’t yet realise it, setting up credit card processing facilities is one of the most complicated, little-understood principles in setting up an online business.

By visiting this website you’re privy to vast amounts of information available nowhere else on the Internet.

This website really does contain everything you need to know to be able to accept credit cards within days – at a price that suits you best.

Have you ever considered, therefore, setting up merchant account facilities for others? After all, most startups will contact their bank to see what they offer only to discover the often depressing reality of tons of paperwork, background checks, ID taking and costs involved – and that’s if they do get accepted.

You can use your newfound knowledge to set up merchant account facilities easier and faster than your clients could do themselves at their local bank, and generally at far lower cost, whilst still taking a healthy profit.

If you take some time to study the ideas and information laid forth on this site you’ll be more than capable of getting just about anyone set up in less than a week.

What would people pay you for guaranteed acceptance or their money back, whilst getting them set up in less than a week with very little paperwork?

They literally fill in your form then you ferret around Merchant Account Forum to find the best solution for them.

Set it up, arrange their ordering and thankyou pages and you’re off.

And what could you charge? Well, that’s for the market to decide. But when I started out I’d gladly have paid someone else several hundred dollars to lead me effortlessly through the “complicated minefield of options”, the expense, the wasted hours of research, the jargon and the technical aspects of actually setting up the account.

You’re providing a valuable service – one that’s worth paying for. Have fun, and make some money.

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