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“If you’re thinking about getting your own merchant account, the Merchant Account Forum is a great place to start researching. The information is extensive, well organized, and best of all, it won’t cost you a thing.”
Ryan Deiss, in Webs Worth Watching newsletter

“Nice site, by the way”
Allan Gardyne – AssociatePrograms.com

“Firstly, thank you for your merchantaccountforum.com web site. This is the most informative and unbiased clearing house for merchant-related issues I have ever come across, and the fact that it covers the UK merchant situation as well as the US is a great bonus. I will be putting links to your site on our customer support pages ASAP.”
Peter Roe, UK, www.web-profits.co.uk

“I am very impressed by your website”
Mark R., UK

“I really like the website and everything you offer, thanks for making it easy for us beginners.”
Katrina M.

“I spent a great deal of time looking at many other Merchant Account web sites, but I have felt most comfortable with yours. Your site was very professional, informative and gave me a great deal of confidence in your organization.”

“I’m a complete novice, but I haven’t found what was written to be completely over my head. I will be a regular visitor to your site.”
Sarah A., UK

“Excellent, great quality, very useful.”
Ronald S.

“I found your site very useful and extremely refreshing. I particularly liked the style of writing. Keep up the good work.”

“The site works really well, carrying useful information and contact details with direct links. Of course, the forum side of it is an essential feature for the thousands of new businesses that wish to use the internet for marketing, selling and payment.

The articles and reviews have been helpful reading; when I eventually discovered the merchant account forum it was like a prayer had been answered, I wasn’t alone!”
Michael W.

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