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I first started experimenting on the Internet in 1997 when I got free, unlimited usage at university.

From the very outset it was clear to me how much money was being made on the Internet, so I set about teaching myself about how to build a profitable website.

This has been my passion ever since then.

But boy was it an uphill struggle in those days!

In the space of a few short years I had amassed a wealth of books and software and taught myself, among other things, HTML, XML, CGI, FTP, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Search Engine Optimization, merchant account basics, shopping cart usage and plenty more, all from books and my own personal experiments.

And these are only the basics that I taught myself as I needed to, as a new challenge cropped up.

Not only was it very time consuming but even worse there were a lot of mistakes and dead-ends.

It tooks me literally years of effort around my studies before my hard work started to pay off.

I would study, and after graduation, work until anywhere until 7pm, then get onto the computer and work on my website until well after midnight.

It became an all-consuming passion that has lost me two girlfriends in that time as I had such difficulties in fitting in a relationship, a job and a business.

So what has led me on, and has it been worth it?

What led me on was the dream of working for myself. Of having no boss. Of running my time the way I want to. Of being able to work wherever there is an Internet connection. Of taking as many vacations as I feel like.

And as to whether it’s all been worth the sacrifices, the answer is – absolutely yes.

And now I run a network of sites across the Internet attracting thousands of visitors each and every month and giving me more freedom than ever before.

There’s just one thing that annoys me about this story…

It took me literally years of self-teaching, hard-graft and late nights to get to where I am today.

I nearly gave up more times than I care remember.

I wasted more time and money on things that didn’t work than I dare remember.

If only it had been easier, if I’d had better advice, better tools then I’d have got here a lot sooner and would have had to sacrifice less to get here.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well setting up a website is becoming easier with every day that goes by. More tools are created to make it painless, and virtually idiot-proof.

Tools that would have enabled me to achieve my current success in less than half the time.

To my mind, the single best of these as things stand at the moment is a new package by developer Simon Grabowski which will enable even the most technologically-challenged to set up a winning website in a matter of days or at most weeks.

This annoys me because of all the time I wasted, but for you the news has never been better.

With absolutely no webdesign knowledge or programming skills of any kind you can use all of the following tools to create your ecommerce site:

  • Professional Logo Creator – to give your site a unique business logo
  • Web Page Layout Tool – makes building pages for your site as simple as using your word processor. Just decide what you want said, and where abouts on the page you want it, and you’re done. Effortlessly insert images into your pages.
  • Hundreds Of Page Templates – no design skills? No problem! Just select a template you like, then use the two previous tools to insert a unique logo, links and your text and that’s your basic site created!
  • Cheap Web Hosting – Hosting an ecommerce site can be cheap and secure nowadays. We recommened & use Memset for ecommerce hosting. As well as dedicated servers, they offer an affordable ‘Managed Cloud‘ package. This can be scaled in response to demand, an elegant solution for ecommerce sites with seasonal traffic.
  • Newsletter Generator – use this to generate signup forms for your newsletter, lay out each issue then fire it out to your subscribers. It’ll even tell you how many people open up each issue to read it!
  • Search Engine Submission – once you’ve built your site, have it automatically submitted to the search engines so get you free traffic fast.
  • Built-in Payment Processing – accept credit cards at your site from the word go. This is included free with this package.
  • Fully-featured Shopping Cart – add the functionality of a professional shopping cart to your site with no technical knowhow.
  • Your Own Affiliate Program – built in to this package is the ability to run your own affiliate program to to generate yet more free traffic to your site!

Look, I’ve only just touched the surface here. There’s so much more such as a form builder, free domain name, web hosting, traffic statistics and a 190+ page user guide I’m worried I’ll blow your socks off.

Your decision is simple.

If you know what you’re doing with the various concepts I mentioned I’d taught myself at the beginning of this article, you really don’t need this software.

However, if you either have a very limited knowledge of the technology involved with building a successful website, or you’d simply rather spend your time marketing and making a profit, than fiddling about with code, then this package is, hands down, the best that we’ve seen.

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