Top Credit Card Merchant Accounts


Whilst we’re always adding to our merchant account reviews area of the site, you’ve found yourself on our "Top Recommendations" page.

You see, based on our six years of experience in ecommerce, and literally hundreds of comments, discussions and snippets of feedback with other online business owners, certain credit card merchant accounts have weathered the storm better than most.

Just a tiny handful of merchant accounts stand head and shoulders above the rest when seen from the perspective of this site. After all, as one of the world’s most popular sites for credit card merchant account advice, I’m sure you can imagine just how many emails we get each day offering feedback, pointing out new merchant account providers or asking questions about the existing articles.

This, then, is the long-term view.

However hard it may be to make decisions as to what we consider to be the "best" merchant accounts, we’ve done our absolute best.

These accounts won’t let you down. All have money back guarantees. All have free application so there’s nothing for you to pay until you get accepted by them. So there’s no risk to you whatsoever. We believe this is the fairest, and safest way for you to do business, and is therefore the only method we recommend you follow.

Never sign up for a merchant account what asks you to pay first, then refunds you if you’re not successful. Unless the company is world-famous, it’s just too risky for you.

So without further ado, here are our top credit card merchant account recommendations:

  • Top US Merchant Account – Charge
    Apply free and without obligation for the best credit card merchant account we’ve found for US businesses.

    They offer an amazing deal – infact the best online merchant account deal we’ve yet to find – free application, free setup and same-day approval.

    Very reasonable processing fees and a price guarantee make this the best deal we’ve seen anywhere.

    Check out their site to read the glowing testimonials and fill in their application form. Like I say, there’s no obligation, so why not just see what they can offer you.

    To visit their website for further information click here now or read our full, indepth review here.

  • Top US Third Party Merchant Account – 2CheckOut
    For the tiny minority of US based online businesses that don’t qualify for Charge, this third party credit card merchant account is the best we’ve found so far. We use this company ourselves every day and have been very pleased with the fast setup (you’ll be able to process credit cards within 10 minutes), costs involved and reliability.

    To visit their website for further information click here now or read our review here.

  • Top UK Credit Card Merchant Account Provider – Durango Merchant Services

    At last! A beacon in the murky waters of the UK merchant account scene. Reliable. Lightning fast response. Free application. And a real personal touch. You really can’t go wrong with Durango so if you’re based in the UK, start now with our UK merchant account review.

  • Top UK Third Party Processor – A Difficult Decision…

    Why? If you’ve tried Durango and been in 1% of applicants that gets refused, you’ll be looking for a third party merchant account. Except for UK merchants, it’s difficult to decide between the best accounts without knowing more about you. So click here to answer some questions and find the best choice.

  • Top International Merchant AccountDurango… again!

    Yes, for all non-US businesses, we believe Durango are the best place to start so once again, click here to find out more now.

  • Top International Third Party Credit Card Merchant Account – 2CheckOut… again!

    Yes, 2CheckOut gets it’s second mention on our top credit card merchant account lineup. And yes, it really is that good. Visit their website today by clicking here.

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